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Padgbury Lane speed reduction

2019-09-30 Highways 5 comments

As part of the speed mitigation measures that are associated with the Congleton Link Road, Cheshire East Highways have proposed a solution here.

I don’t think their proposal will be effective and I would also like to see more Active Travel measures used as part of the solution. I am proposing to send the letter below to the highways department and I am asking you to support my letter by filling in the form here. You can dowload a PDF copy of this letter here.

I would appreciate your support by signing the form here

If you approve of some but not all of my suggestions then please copy and paste those you approve of and send your comments to



We, the undersigned, request that you review your proposal for vehicle speed reduction along Padgbury Lane.

Given that Cheshire East have committed to become carbon neutral by 2025, the UK Government has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, Congleton Town Council has declared a climate emergency and Cheshire East local transport plan chapter 7 regarding Active and Smarter Travel sentence 1 says “Active travel such as walking and cycling, complementing an effective bus and rail network, should be at the heart of any transport strategy aiming to achieve a transport system which offers travel choice.” we think that the plan should be revised to include active travel as part of the solution.

Our suggestions include:

  1. Create a cycle lane on the south west side of Padgbury Lane from the junction with the A34 Newcastle Road to the A534 Sandbach Road. This cycle lane should have armadillo protection where the width is sufficient.
  2. Create a shared use pedestrian/ cycle lane on the north east side of Padgbury Lane from Sandbach Road to Newcastle Road. This can be achieved by increasing the pavement width from Sandbach Road to the junction with Greenacres Road. The continuation has no need to use the existing road as there is sufficient width to widen the pavement without encroaching on the road space.
  3. Give pedestrians and cyclists priority when crossing junctions at Greenacres Road, Arnside Avenue and Ullswater Road.
  4. Provide 2 pedestrian / Pelican crossings at strategic points crossing Padgbury Lane.
  5. Instead of dropping kerbs across Greenacres Road, Arnside Avenue and Ullswater road could you raise the table instead. A raised table will slow the traffic more effectively and make it safer for pedestrians especially small people, children and those in wheelchairs to be seen by motorists.
  6. We believe that closing the slip road from the A34 Newcastle Road to Padgbury Lane will have virtually no benefit in speed reduction but will have a detrimental environmental impact as vehicles would need to accelerate from the junction as opposed to coasting as they do at present.
  7. We believe that making Padgbury Lane no entry except for cyclists and abnormal loads from the junction with the part of Padgbury Lane that is now a cul-de-sac, the old road, will prevent Padgbury Lane being used as a rat-run whilst causing minimum inconvenience for the residents.

  8. A better solution with the junction of the A34 Newcastle Road is to create a roundabout. This would increase the safety for drivers turning right from Padgbury Lane onto the A34 Newcastle Road southbound and also make it safer for vehicles and cyclists emerging from Astbury Mere. This would then create a reasonably safe cycle route from the Town Centre via Wagg Street, The Crescent, Ennerdale Drive, Astbury Mere, Padgbury Lane to the Congleton High School.

We believe our suggestions will help to increase the take up of active travel and at the same time achieve the aim of reduced vehicle speed along Padgbury Lane, which forms part of the Cheshire Cycleway. We request that you give our suggestions serious consideration and help achieve the aims that Cheshire East, the Government and the Town Council have set on behalf of the residents of Congleton.

Yours Sincerely

Anthony Bolding

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I would appreciate your support by signing the form here